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Since our inception, the Landrum Middle School PTO has worked with parents and teachers of students at Landrum Middle School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. As the official school parent and teacher organization, it is our goal to provide essential funding and other resources for students and faculty members.

Please take the time to read a letter written by our current PTO President, Mel Intemann, at the end of last school year:


May 24, 2019

Dear Landrum Lion Community,

Another school year has come and gone and another PTO fiscal year has come to a close! We had an exciting year at Landrum Middle School and because of YOU and your very generous donations to our PTO Membership, Landrum Lion Spirit Wear, Community Partnerships and our Landrum Lion Fundraising campaign, the “Landrum Lion Sign Challenge;” we were able to raise $107,000.00 this school year!

The Landrum PTO worked very hard to help make this school year both enjoyable and exciting for students, teachers, and parents – providing opportunities and resources that enhance the learning environment for all students. This involvement comes in many forms and is the result of the great Lion community participation and volunteerism. We, in the PTO, believe that it is important for parents to do everything we can to enhance the learning environment of our children, as they truly are our future.

As you know, the monies raised from the “Landrum Lion Fundraising Sign Challenge” were going towards a new camera/security system for our middle school. As most of you may know by now, the St. Johns County School District has taken on the financial responsibility of the new camera/security system and it is being installed now! The project should be complete within the next few weeks. With that being said, we were able to use those fundraising monies towards the other items noted on our Landrum Lion Fundraising Sign Challenge target wish list, which included:

  • Licenses for Academic Software
  • Additional Laptops for Classrooms
  • Advanced Teacher Training
  • Audio/Visual Needs for both Gymnasium and Auditorium
  • Outdoor Campus Enhancements

So with all of this being said, and on behalf of the Landrum Middle School PTO, it is with great pleasure that we can announce that we have spent almost $98,000.00 this school year, on much needed resources and technology! Here is the breakdown of what your donations/membership dues, community partnerships and more allowed for our students and teachers this school year… AND going on into NEXT school year:

  • Newsela Software Program: Language Arts, Science and History Departments
  • (1) Computer Cart with (24) Computers
  • (15) Projection Screens for 8thGrade Classrooms
  • (4) Large Periodic Tables for all Science Labs
  • Gymnasium Speaker Enhancements
  • Physical Education: (4) New Basketball Backboards and Goals
  • Virtual 360 Degree Learning Software to include:
    • (24) iPod Touch 6 Gold Units
    • (24) iPod Touch 6 Cases
    • (24) Virtual 360 Degree Headsets
  • Teacher Mini Grants to include the following purchased items:
    • iPad for ESE
    • Butterfly Tower for Science
    • Set of novels for Critical Thinking
    • 3D Printing Filament for Geometry classes
    • Piano tuned for Chorus
    • Curriculum for Science, History, ICT, Journalism
    • Classroom Maps for History
    • Computer speakers for ICT
    • Plastic Adirondack chairs to enable math classes to meet outside in nice weather
    • Spanish board games for Spanish teachers
    • Portable white board for PE coaches
    • Speakers, drum stands, microphone for Band
    • DISC profile tests for teachers and students to understand their learning styles
  • The “Lions Den” (to be implemented 2019/2020 school year): A Positive Behavior Incentive Program. The Lions Den will be a space where students, that have earned entrance through demonstrating positive behavior and/or A-B Honor Roll, (entry guidelines still being implemented by LMS Administration) can enjoy their lunch in a relaxed atmosphere with other students.
  • The Lions Den is complete with:
    • Electrical Outlets and installed for:
      • (2) 65” TV’s
      • (2) Wall Mounts
      • (2) Atari Systems
    • Foosball Table
    • Bean Bag Chairs
    • Tabletop Shuffleboard
    • Puzzles
    • Game Boards
    • Giant Jenga
    • Giant Connect 4
    • Ping Pong Table
    • … and so much more
  • “Holding” $10,000.00 for any additional security enhancements after District’s installment of camera/security system is complete.
  • “Holding” $5,000.00 for outdoor enhancements for the entrance to our school (to take place over this Summer). This also includes a generous donation from Coastal Luxury Outdoors and will feature, new landscaping, our engraved family bricks (from the Landrum Lion Fundraising Sign Challenge) and a new tiled backdrop for our Bronze Lion Mascot and more!

We were also able to celebrate our teachers, faculty, staff and students throughout the school year with the following events/items:

  • Teacher Start-Up Gift Cards
  • Teacher/Department Mini Grants
  • Landrum Middle School Staff: Team Building Event: A kick-off to new school year!
  • Faculty Staff Breakfast, THANKSgiving Tailgate Luncheon, Holiday Luncheon, Valentines Candy Bar, Teacher Appreciation Week & End of the School Year Luncheon.
  • Through Scholastic Dollars, earned from this years Book Fair, we were able to purchase (7) Kits of Sunshine State Books for the Language Arts Department next year.
  • Elective Support
  • Student Club Support
  • Faculty Lounge Support
  • Blessings in a Backpack: Our Landrum Lions/Families in need
  • New Landrum Lion Mascot Costume
  • History Fair
  • Meet in the Middle Event: Plantation Clubhouse
  • Eighth Grade Celebration: Chik-Fil-A, Kona Ice & More!

We also implemented the following programs into Landrum Middle School this year without the use of any funds:

  • The Secret Prowl Program (an anonymous teacher/parent gift-based program). This program will continue on into next school, as it was a HUGE success and the teachers and parents loved it!
  • The Lions Lair: A space where gently used and new clothes/shoes are stored for those Landrum Lion families that are in need.
  • Bathroom makeovers took place in November with the installation/application of inspirational quotes on all mirrors and walls! *Donated by a Landrum Family
  • The Lion Link Program: We began the start of a series on educating our parents and students on Vaping and the effects it has long term. We will be incorporating more presentations next school year to include many more topics for our students and parents.
  • Thanksgiving Meals for every on of our “Blessings In A Backpack” families in need.
    • *Donated by a Landrum Family

Not bad for ONE SCHOOL YEAR! We look back at this list and we are absolutely blown away by the things we were able to implement and support for this school year! Again, we cannot thank you, our LMS community; for all that YOU do to help US! It’s your continued dedication and support for Alice B. Landrum Middle School that allowed us to be able to do these things for not only this school year… but next school year as well! And, it’s been an honor!

On behalf of the entire PTO Board, we would like to wish the very best to our rising 9thgraders, as they embark upon their new journey on into high school. We also look forward to welcoming our rising 6thgraders next year as they enter into middle school!  We look forward to seeing the rest of you on August 12th, as WE ALL take back the hallways with our Lion Pride!

We wish you all a very safe and happy summer with your family and loved ones! Remember… make memories!

Warmest Regards,

Mel Intemann

PTO President, 2018-2020

So, as you can see, the Landrum PTO funds projects benefitting our students and teachers. We work to fill the financial gap for important programs, activities, and resources when government funding is not available. Through membership donations and the coordination of volunteer hours throughout the school year, the PTO is able to do just that.

We hope that you take an opportunity this year to inspire our students and staff, get involved in volunteer activities, and invest in a PTO membership! Have questions about membership? Please contact Jenny Wingate or Jen York at

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